Monday 18 January 2021

Cup-Cycling WEEK 3 - the first experiments

These line drawings were the first experiments on the flattened coffee cups which lead to my Cup-Cycling exhibition at the Elm Cafe.

I used felt-tipped markers on the first few cups, with the intention of keeping the drawings bold and simple.  Soon, however I gravitated back to the fountain pens I prefer to use and then starting adding watercolour washes.  The paint takes surprisingly well, although can be a bit blotchy if there is any skin oil on the surface.  I have no idea of the longevity as they certainly are not archival.  

And when I say flattened, its a relative term, as its impossible to get the curve out entirely and the surface is a bit wobbly.  Because of this, I've taken to photographing them as the ripples go out of focus on the scanner platen.  If they were to be framed, a shadow box would be best as it would allow the gentle crown to read.

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