Monday, 18 January 2021

Cup-Cycling WEEK 3 - the first experiments

These line drawings were the first experiments on the flattened coffee cups which lead to my Cup-Cycling exhibition at the Elm Cafe.

I used felt-tipped markers on the first few cups, with the intention of keeping the drawings bold and simple.  Soon, however I gravitated back to the fountain pens I prefer to use and then starting adding watercolour washes.  The paint takes surprisingly well, although can be a bit blotchy if there is any skin oil on the surface.  I have no idea of the longevity as they certainly are not archival.  

And when I say flattened, its a relative term, as its impossible to get the curve out entirely and the surface is a bit wobbly.  Because of this, I've taken to photographing them as the ripples go out of focus on the scanner platen.  If they were to be framed, a shadow box would be best as it would allow the gentle crown to read.

Cup-Cycling WEEK 2

 The second week of my Cup-Cyling exhibit celebrates a couple of the large maple trees that still exist in the Inner Harbour neighbourhood.  These huge old trees are being removed with few replacements, despite the importance of the urban forest in ameliorating climate change.

The top image is on Main Street which is on the west side of the neighbourhood that has delightfully crooked streets and oblique intersections which make for confusing navigation but interesting views.

Below, is an old brick row of workers houses on Bagot Street beside one of the neighbourhood's repurposed school buildings.