Thursday, 8 March 2018

Ferol de Ferreria

 Dear Diary,
Ttoday we went for a walk, found a lighthouse and
had to draw it.    It was fun.

Cobble Stone Pavement Patterns

Highly skilled masonry was evident all over the Sao Miguel, from paddock walls to old industrial buildings.  The streets and sidewalks in Ponta Delgada had individual signature patterns made with highly contrasting black and white cobble stones.  The black stone is basalt - local volcanic rock, but I don't know what the white coloured stone is.

There was an interesting tapered plaza at the City Hall with a statue of St. Michael the archangel.  He appeared to be holding an umbrella rather than a sword, but maybe that's just because it was threatening rain that morning.

As a variation  on the black and white, I noticed that the shallow water of the fountain made the white stones appear a blue.