Thursday, 8 October 2015

Full Sheet Sparrow

I love large paintings, but for practical purposes use small sketchbooks.  They are portable and small sketches are fast to do.

Yesterday I found this little sparrow dead on  the sidewalk, so I brought it home and put it in the freezer, so that I could study it. You can see it in the lower photo.  This morning, as a little break from work, I pulled it out and did my first ever full sized sheet.  It didn't take long and was really fun to do and unlike a sketchbook, can be hung on the wall.   I'll be off to the art supply for more paper tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Last Swim

We've had a beautiful warm September and I swam regularly in the Ottawa River from the Britannia Club pier, and from my boat while at anchor.  This week, however, the nights grew cold and its undeniable that summer is over.  Clearly, its time to renew my membership at the swimming pool.

It’s a morning with dew
at six on the clock.
It’s a morning for flannel,
two shirts and wool socks.

The warmth will come later
and by lunch be quite nice.
But summer is over,
soon the lake will be ice.

It’s my strange obsession.
Will this be the day?
Or have I already had,
my last swim in the bay?

Back to the Hills

Suddenly, its cool and while the leaves are just changing colour, it clear that winter is not far off.  For me that means skiing and skating, so its time to do some long walks and get my legs ready.

This is my favourite shelter in Gatineau Park, Shilly Shally.  It was nice enough to sit outside and do a quick scribble while having a cup of tea from my thermos, but too cool to sit and paint.