Friday, 1 May 2020

General Wolfe Hotel

The General Wolfe Hotel is a cultural institution in Marysville.  Although it holds a dozen rooms or so, most would think of it as a tavern and may have gone there for live music.  Like so many businesses, its been closed these last few months as we get through the pandemic.

Its a long rambling structure that looks over Barrett Bay and the longer views to Fort Henry and Kingston, but this end of the building with its celebration of the military past made for the more interesting sketch.

As with many in this Marysville series, its a shame about the fold in the middle of the drawing.  I bought a lovely little sketchbook last fall, with smooth paper and a faint grid of dots that are helpful.  Its just the right size for sketching in the car in cold weather, but now that its warming up I'm thinking I should switch to a larger, one sheet format.  Maybe even break out the watercolours!

Holey Buildings

Abandoned barns are a common site on Wolfe Island.  Often the farm itself is still working but the barn has no utility now that the large hay bales are wrapped and left outside.  More often the whole complex is abandoned as smaller farms are consolidated, hedgerows and fences removed to create  into massive open fields.

What caught my eye, here on Simcoe Island, was a single long plank propping up a large barn.  I didn't enter the property, but had I walked closer to the barn you can bet I wouldn't walk under that corner!