Saturday, 10 December 2016

Your Man in Habana

I'm just back home from a couple of weeks in Cuba.  I spent most of the time in Havana and sketched every day as there were endless interesting subjects begging to be studied.

This was done early on in the trip and is the view looking back at the Vedado district of the city from the waterfront walkway known as the Malceon.  One of the famous buildings in view ids the Nacional Hotel, scene of many dramatic events in the history of pre-revolutionary Cuba.

The consistent clear skies and direct light brought out the tropical colours, but the high humidity often lead to accidental blooms and bleeds as the paint was slow to dry, even with the heat.


  1. I recognized the Malecon even from the thumbnail on my phone. What a time to be in Cuba. Was it during the period of Castro's death?

    1. Yes- the country was in morning fro nine days - no dancing, no liquor...luckily sketching was allowed!