Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Blessed Sacrament

I would have described this Catholic church built in 1931 as art deco, however Wikipedia tells me its "perpendicular gothic".  At first glance it is very simple, but upon farther study the tower has stepped and bevelled corners and is tall enough to be seen from several blocks away.
There are some decorative elements and a couple of niches presumably waiting for saints.
It's a well attended busy place judging by the ebb and flow of cars and families at various masses each weekend.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Flapjack's Pancake Shack

While according to City by-laws this may not be a food truck, it looks deceptively more like a an old milk truck, than a shack to me.  The Flapjack logo is a burly lumberjack and the coat of arms is a fine piece of Ottawa Valley heraldry, which includes a crossed pan flipper and axe.

The "shack" is visible from Bank Street in a an informal courtyard behind Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, close to Fourth Avenue.  Thematic patio furniture is made of from large logs fashioned as chairs and tables - very lumberjacky.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Backside of Bank Street

There is an informal courtyard behind the shops on Bank Street between Fourth and Third Avenues.  I went to sketch the food truck there, but it was rainy and this back of Mrs. Tiggy Winkles was easier to see from the sheltered location od a building alcove.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Theresa Apartment

The entrance to this small apartment building here in the Glebe is classic art deco.  The rest of the building is well proportioned, but plain.  It's saved  however by the detailing of the entrance, the place where her residents approach and experience the exterior.  I've never pressed my nose to in inside to get a sense whether that character was carried through into the interior.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yellow Garage

I've been noticing this little garage all winter walking by, but only stopped yesterday to finally sketch it.  As usual, this is also about the big maple tree in the rear yard.

There is still some snow lingering in the shadowy north sides of the houses.  Some people have not been willing to wait and have been shovelling it out just to get it gone.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Irene's Pub

Irene's Pub is a bit of an institution here in the Glebe. Affordable and cosy through the week and a bit of a community centre on weekends. Always worth a visit on Friday or Saturday nights for live music.  A cultural institution, if there ever was one.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Waiting for Spring

It's interesting how many basketball nets live between the houses, all waiting for spring.  You don't think of Ottawa as a basketball town  but it was actually invented not far form here in Almonte, Ontario.  Unsurprisingly however, that took place in a indoor gym.

When sketched this a nearly a month ago, I was thinking the snow would not last much longer and that I would soon, not just be drawing, but be painting on site.  No such luck, so I'm returning to some older drawings and painting inside.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Little Mike's Workshop

I call him Little Mike, but I'm sure he's had more colourful nicknames over the years.  I joke about him being little - he's not.  He's built like a rock and I always remind him not to crush my hand when we shake.  An eclectic character, Mike.  A graduate of Canterbury which is a The creative arts high school in Ottawa, a former professional boxer and owns a couple of Triumph motorcycles.   His business is custom steel fabrication.  Although the term "custom" doesn't really describe the kind of art he creates. Just ask him and his eyes light up and next, he's scrolling through images on his phone to show you some of his work.

I met him in my role designing the new streetscape for the Bank Street reconstruction. Tim Desclouds had won the public art competition and in coordinating with Tim, I met Mike who was fabricating the sculptures.  When I stopped in recently there was the beginning of a large tree sculpture that Tim is working on with Mike for the Bronson Avenue streetscape.

The workshop is a fascinating place.  A little different each time I visit depending on what is being worked on and the way they have arranged the tools to work on that project. Lots more there to draw.  Thanks Mike.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Tommy's Totem

Last March on a ski trip to British Columbia I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of carvers from Squamish, Rick  Henry  and Aaron Nelson-Moody.

I did some sketches of their work and them carving and best of all chatted and had lunch with them.  I learned that totems in their tradition were really prompts for story tellers to recount a legend event.  More that that I saw that  Rick and Aaron and were taking that ancient form and as artists making statements.

Which brings me to Tommy's Totem.  Tommy is my younger son and he is fixated on skateboarding.  This includes making videos which is why on his totem there is a camera lens and and a floodlight. (both broken...accidents happen on a regular basis in the world of skateboarding). It always bothers me to see broken skateboards thrown away and I decided to grab a few and make a totem which reflects Tommy's passion for the sport.

This summer I will collect some objects which represent my diverse range of interests to make my totem. Does anyone have some old skis to donate?