Sunday, 18 December 2016

Don't Throw Orthographic Projection Out with the Bathwater

I have been thinking about drawing in technical terms lately - imagining birds-eyes views (aerial view), curved or circular perspectives and so forth.

The day I encountered Roberto Fabelo's sculpture in one of Havana's major plazas, I thought I'd treat it like an architectural drawing and do it in plan and each side as an elevation (orthographic projection).  So here it is, the plan view in the centre with each elevation adjacent to it. Although as I look at it, I realize I got the two side views mixed up - proof, maybe, that its not so easy.

And then while adding some colour I decided to take some liberties and depart from the bronze of the sculpture in keeping with real roosters.

One more tiny step towards interpreting what I see, breaking away from rigid documentation.  As you might gather, I was taken by the sculpture and Roberto Fabelo's gift to me, was putting it there to have the fun of studying it.

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