Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Vinales Cuba

Vinales is located about 150 kilometres west of Havana.  It is an agricultural and tourism hub and seems to be prospering from both.  The main street is lined with restaurants and it seems like half the colourful bungalows that make up the town have "Casa Particular" (bed and breakfast) signs displayed.

This sketch is of a couple of restaurants on a side street, where there was a constant stream of farm vehicles, from tractors to horse drawn 2 wheeled carts, wandering dogs, chickens and local inhabitants bumping into each other and stopping to chat.

I perched on a low wall, out of the sun, out of danger of pigeon droppings from above and soaked it all in as I sketched...at least until a taxi drop through the puddle in front of me and nearly ruined my work!  Note to self: don't sit in front of puddles.


  1. Gracias por recordarme este lugar en que estuve hace muchos años y fui feliz

    1. La ciudad parece próspera del turismo, pero la conexión con la tierra también parece fuerte