Monday, 19 December 2016

Havana Printshop Collective

While in Havana, I stopped into this collective printmaking workshop several times.  Some days there were musicians playing Cuban music to the patrons of the restaurants just outside the workshop. ( Taller is Spanish for workshop)  But the really cool thing was that I was welcome to just hang out.  I kept going back because of the friendly vibe, but  also to check into the progress of some of the artist's works in progress.  It was inspiring, but because of it's superb technical competency, but also the edgy character, which is something I hadn't expected.

But the cool thing, was that it had immediate influence on how I filled the pages of my sketchbook.  One day, without much thought, I found myself approaching my sketchbook in a different way - a little break-though for me of moving away from documentation to interpretation.

Thanks so much, Jorge, Dania, Ian and Darian.  I've been having a little pipe dream of returning with the deliberate purpose of working an studying at the Taller.  There's hope yet that I might become an artist.

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