Friday, 21 March 2014

Tommy's Totem

Last March on a ski trip to British Columbia I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of carvers from Squamish, Rick  Henry  and Aaron Nelson-Moody.

I did some sketches of their work and them carving and best of all chatted and had lunch with them.  I learned that totems in their tradition were really prompts for story tellers to recount a legend event.  More that that I saw that  Rick and Aaron and were taking that ancient form and as artists making statements.

Which brings me to Tommy's Totem.  Tommy is my younger son and he is fixated on skateboarding.  This includes making videos which is why on his totem there is a camera lens and and a floodlight. (both broken...accidents happen on a regular basis in the world of skateboarding). It always bothers me to see broken skateboards thrown away and I decided to grab a few and make a totem which reflects Tommy's passion for the sport.

This summer I will collect some objects which represent my diverse range of interests to make my totem. Does anyone have some old skis to donate?

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