Saturday, 22 March 2014

Little Mike's Workshop

I call him Little Mike, but I'm sure he's had more colourful nicknames over the years.  I joke about him being little - he's not.  He's built like a rock and I always remind him not to crush my hand when we shake.  An eclectic character, Mike.  A graduate of Canterbury which is a The creative arts high school in Ottawa, a former professional boxer and owns a couple of Triumph motorcycles.   His business is custom steel fabrication.  Although the term "custom" doesn't really describe the kind of art he creates. Just ask him and his eyes light up and next, he's scrolling through images on his phone to show you some of his work.

I met him in my role designing the new streetscape for the Bank Street reconstruction. Tim Desclouds had won the public art competition and in coordinating with Tim, I met Mike who was fabricating the sculptures.  When I stopped in recently there was the beginning of a large tree sculpture that Tim is working on with Mike for the Bronson Avenue streetscape.

The workshop is a fascinating place.  A little different each time I visit depending on what is being worked on and the way they have arranged the tools to work on that project. Lots more there to draw.  Thanks Mike.

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