Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sketching at the Laff

The Chateau Lafayette House is a classic tavern, one of the last in the city.  It's located in the By Ward Market area, not  far from the Ottawa School of Art, so sketching here doesn't draw a second glance.
I suggested my Monday Night sketching group meet here, ostensibly to discuss plans for spring, should it every arrive.  The ladies in the group were surprised, expecting something a little seedier -  not that they are likely to return.

I suspect Gary is a regular.  He's certainly well known and when I was last there was moving between tables chatting.  Diana Ross's classic, "You can't Hurry Love" was playing on the jukebox.  No, you can't - if you're on a budget you need to nurse that quart out for the whole evening.

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