Monday, 3 March 2014

Home Hardware in the Glebe

I laid down more ink than I normally do when planning to paint.  That's why I've included the line drawing before painting below. Just for comparison and to show how the paint gives it volume.  Normally my pre-paint drawings are very brief and don't look like much without colour.  But this morning, it was hard not to keep scribbling, sitting in the front window of the Bridgehead coffee shop, like a cat in the sun, avoiding getting back to work.  Its still too cold, at -15, to sketch outside comfortably, but the bright sun is at least cheery.

The building on the corner of Second Avenue at Bank Street, which houses Home Hardware and Felinas Restaurant was originally a theatre.  I don't know if it had a marquee, but that does explain the large facade without second story windows.  Oh, and if you are there with your dog, they'll give him a cookie.  Brilliant.  Now Sailor tries to take me in every time we walk by.

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