Sunday, 9 June 2013

Puente la Reina

Puenta de Reina was the fourth night out of St. Jean de Pier Port.  That day I felt that I had a sense of the trip's character and rhythms.  On reflection that evening was pivotal in meeting the core group of other perigrinos who more or less formed my Camino family over the remaining month.  It was while having a drink with this core group that the individual stories started to come out and I was struck by the collective wisdom shared back by the group. This was my first insight into how my companions had self-selected themselves for a reflective journey and how rich those friendships were to the experience.

Walking into Puente de Reina we saw our first storks and had opportunity to contrast the elaborate ornamentation of the Ingesia de Santiago el Mayor with the monestic simplicity of the Knights Templar chapel - Iglesia de Crucifjo.


  1. John, I am so enjoying seeing the sketches and reading the stories. If you make this into a book I would like to buy one. An experience of a lifetime... How wonderful.

    1. Thanks so much Shari. Yes, I will do a book as there seems to be lots of interest, not just from the pilgrims along the way, but here at home as well. Just writing the brief narratives is helping me process the experience, which was extraordinary.