Saturday, 8 June 2013

Problacion de Campos

It was late afternoon at the Albergue Amancer with moody wet skies.  My friend Emilio suggested I attempt a more abstracted approach to the open fields behind the village, to try and capture the subtle range of green colours.  We walked through endless wheat fields for days and it felt like my eyes were drinking in the calm and subtle ranges of green colour .  I had been constantly thinking of which yellow and blue pigments would best mix to represent those hues, so it was fun to finally lay down some paint.


  1. This Problacion de Campos sketch is wonderful!
    Loose, fresh & atmospheric. Bravo!
    There is tons of potential in this style


    1. Thanks Professor. I've been itching to do some large work and this may be well suited to a 2" flat brush and full arm motion.