Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Find Plaza - Meet Pilgrims

Pamplona was early on along the journey.  It has a well defined old city within the ancient defensive walls.  It was here that I figured out that if you show up at the main plaza, you'd find other pilgrims at the cafe tables.  Just walk around the perimeter and you'd end up sitting down and getting to know people you met while walking.

These outdoor cafe tables were generally my prefered location to sit down and draw as they had great views and I could set my sketchbook on the table.  The sketches generally took 1 glass of wine to complete, so I began to think of it as renting studio space.


  1. Just wondering if that guy splattered on the ground is a bit of self-portrait John. Perhaps after all the walking and the wine...

    1. Ha! I guess I set myself up for that with my ' wine glass sketch timer' comment :)