Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Caribou Cup

The Caribou Cup is a rite of spring at Mt. Tremblant.  The objective of the event is to get enough speed to cross the length of a 25m long pond of ice cold water on skis or a snowboard.  While many are successful the winner is ultimately judged on their costume.  The more ridiculous, the better.

The approach slope and sides of the pond are lined by spectators, enjoying the spring sunshine, and possible a beverage or two.  I had fun up at the start gate sketching some of the participants.

A few ambitious jumpers decorated their snowboards, like this fellow with a shark fin and a ski patroler with rescue sled full of stuffed toys.  This seemed a flawed strategy as they both had spectacular splashdowns.  Then again the Cardinal didn't seem to have any Divine assistance, unless you count not drowning.

I painted the bottom sketch on site with my water pen but added the colour on the other two with the aid of my notes and memory.

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