Thursday, 18 April 2013

Decking the Penthouse Floor

The penthouse on the rear of this first semi-detached building at Parkview was finished last week.  I was able to position myself there and view across to the guys working on the front side facing Stirling-Carruthers Park across the street.  These homes will enjoy calming tree house type views into the upper branches of the trees.

The penthouse walls step in from the first three floors and will sit on steel beams to carry that load.  All the joists are web trusses, which not only results in higher ceilings, as they are just 10" deep are spaced on 1 foot centres to provide the stiffness required for the heated concrete floors. The other benefit is that it will be very easy and fast to run the electrical wires as as well the high volume air conditioning ducts and flexible plumbing hose.   It looks like they are a week away from topping off the building and once the framing is inspected, we'll be seeing some other trades on the job.

Oh, and no, the carpenter poking up through the joists on the right isn't really standing on some one's shoulders - he was on a properly secured ladder.


  1. And here i am thinking this is just a verrrry tall guy with his body twisted around LOL

  2. Ya, Elastoman the carpenter! I didn't realize it until I scaneed the drawing...duh.

    That's the way it goes when you're dealing with moving subjects and peicing together the drawing. I think I also crowded the floor to floor height, which made it worse. If I was doing again I would turn the book on edge and do a slice as a vertical double pager.