Monday, 29 April 2013

Camino Stones

One of the traditions on the Way of Saint James is to leave a stone at the base of a large iron cross just a few days away from the end of the pilgrimage in Santiago de Copostella.  This symbolizes relieving oneself of a burden.  It involves recognizing that there are things in our lives that we cannot change, but need not take responsibility or feel guilt about. The issue may not change, but we can change how we deal with it.

I asked some friends and family if they would like to send some stones with me and have a small bag to deliver at the "Cruz de Ferro".  The stones themselves are interesting  as many have been brought home from travels. It seems it is not an unusual thing to bring back interesting rocks as memories of different places.  Two of the stones were passed from hand to hand at my Church on Sunday, making me feel like an emissary carrying all those private thoughts.

I have labeled each one and anticipate that it will be a very emotional experience placing them on the huge mound of Pilgrim's stones after carrying them some 400 miles across Spain, some three weeks from now.

I'll be away 5 weeks and will be pretty much unplugged.  There will lots of places with WiFi, but I have decided not to try to blog, so tonight I'm "turning out the lights".  I should have lots to post when I return.


  1. A beautiful sketch,
    of a magnificent idea!


  2. That little handful of stones was far heavier than you would think Jim. It was quite an emotional moment planting them at the cross.