Saturday, 26 January 2013

Winter Construction

Construction in cold weather can be slow, or some days impossible. Temperatures have been too cold for the guys to possibly work this week, until Friday.  It was a balmy -15C and more pieces of the ICF (insulated concrete form) product arrived for the foundation walls.  Luckily this work can be done with gloves on. These foundations are complicated.  There are different wall widths on each side of the same building and the reinforcing bar size and spacing changes with height.  There also are several heights of ICF panels and a step for the masonry ledge, so sorting out the pieces is a task in its own right.  By afternoon, the crew was into a rhythm and progressing well.

The wood form in the foreground is a shear wall which will support the rear of the buildings over the carport.  This form is made of differing thicknesses of horizontal plywood 'boards' so as to leave a textured pattern on the exposed walls, rather than flat planes of concrete, like a bridge or civil structure.

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