Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Patterson Westfalia

The block between Patterson and Strathcona Avenues is a narrow.  Maybe not half the width of the regular Glebe blocks, but thin enough that the homes face one way and have rear yards, driveways and garages facing the other side.  To add to this eccentricity, homes on the two end blocks face south, while those in the middle block face north.  Infill projects are changing this middle block is to back to back houses, presenting front doors to both Avenues, which is gentrifying it's lane-like character.  Too bad.  I like it as it is, but that's the trend across the whole neighbourhood.

This sketch is the middle block, the Patterson side. Aside from the large trees and saplings, I have a soft spot for vw camper vans.  As noble a cause as it is, sadly this venerable Westfalia is not likely to last a whole lot longer than the adjacent garage.


  1. Great sketch - I, too, have a soft spot for Westies. Mine was over 20 years old when I got it and was still serviceable 5 years later.

  2. I keep a model westfalia on the shelf above my desk....ah, the open road