Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Stirling Ave Footings

When I moved to Ottawa in the early 80's construction went on hold until March or April.  Between the milder winters and construction techniques intermittent work right through the winter has become the standard practice.

Last week we had minus 20 C for several days and about 60 cm of snow.  I was thinking, maybe we should hold off till spring.  Brad knew better.  The weather broke this week.  It has been just at the freezing point for several days allowing the guys to form the footings on clean bedrock.  They drilled lag bolts into the rock to brace the forms which are level on top, but slope, or step,with the slope of the slab rock.  Today the forms were about done and the guys were starting to assemble the steel reinforcing bar grids and dowels that will go into the footings.

Looks like they are in good shape for placing concrete on Friday, which is forecast to be mild so we won't have to pay the 10% premium for cold weather admixture to the concrete mix.

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