Friday, 1 February 2013

Cars at Science & Tech.

Yesterday I went sketching for a couple of hours with my new sketching pal Michael, who I met at the last Sketchcrawl.  We went to the Museum of Science and Technology and started with locomotives.  Michael had the brilliant idea of adding a damsel in distress tied to the tracks in front of his sketch. As for my locomotives scribbles, they're not fit for posting.  I moved on to some cars.

Brickins were made in Canada, but unfortunately they never got to a rational production quality and had to shut down just short of 3000 cars.  I remeber seeing the odd one, but may have confused them with Deloreans which were about the same era.  The gull wing doors were pretty cool, but of no use to me as they would preclude a roof rack.

The 1957 VW Beetle was a classic, and to this day I would like to own one,  (although if I had a Westfalia van, I could put my skis and lumber right inside).

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  1. Nice sketches! (I have a really hard time with vehicles)
    Gotta love the Westies - great campers.