Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sneak Preview - World Eclusive!

I've been working on the reconstruction of Bank Street in Ottawa for about 6 years.  When we completed the overall concept for we thought that the Glebe neighbourhood would be the first phase and the public art competition was held in 2008.  As it worked out the Glebe reconstruction was last and only happened last summer.  It will be completed this spring when the trees, site furniture and art are installed.

Tim Desclouds was awarded the art commission and has produced about 23 individual pieces.  The city got more than their money's worth, even if measured by the pound.  The theme is neighbourhoods as represented by chairs of all sorts.  Like all of Tim's work, the sculptures are whimsical and have a  fun, carnival, busker quality about them as most of them will be on 10 foot poles.  I think they will provoke thought and and discussion as well as become treasured landmarks.

Tim was gracious in adding many of the design team on the credit plaque.  The key collaborator was Mike Mulligan, welder extraordinaire.  I can't say I worked with Tim, as we mostly just discussed things and agreed - always a pleasure.

The installation will be in early May, but you saw it here first!

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