Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sketching with Wood

I know this isn't a sketch, but it is design.  I have done a lot of building and cabinet work and really enjoy just making things.  I had concept in mind of a series of boxes as shelves and knocked these together for my studio/ office at home yesterday.   I started with the shelf units on the left and right, which will hang over 2, 5 foot long desks and then filled the units  in between.  I used white pine boards in 8 and 10 inch widths and hung the boxes off the studs.  There are small boxes with finger holes which fit  snugly for miscellaneous pencils, paints and all the little bits and pieces that are hard to organize.

I could have put brackets on the wall and run five shelves the length of the wall, but as a designer, I have a penchant for making things a little more playful and customized.  Besides it was fun to put the boxes together and adjust as I progressed, as a composition on the fly.  besides , I saved the cost of steel brackets.    This breaks all the rules  of roportion and organization, which were implicit when I was a student, but despite that, somehow works.  If this had been a commission, I would have developed some rules ...3rds/ 5ths, the Golden Rule , or a breakdown of the 2 foot stud spacing. and used 5 ply Baltic birch plywood.  As it was, I simply measured and developed a plan for each unit as I went along....done is better than perfect.  I will buy some Baltic birch ply and make a 10 foot long work surface under the shelves for my scanner , printer and layout of plans..  Flat files and filling cabinets will provide more stowage underneath.  My desk and drafting table will be along the other side of the room - a sort of "galley" style studio.

 Cost: about $120 and a missed afternoon of sketching.

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