Saturday, 21 April 2012

35th Sketch Crawl

I was on my own again for today's World Wide Sketchcrawl.  As I waited at the rendezvous in the lobby of the National Gallery I drew 'Maman'.  This is a 12m tall spider complete with eggs which commands the entry plaza of the Gallery.


  1. I love that sculpture. Really great sketch John. Next time you have to come to Montreal for the sketchcrawl. I'll let you know what we are going to do. I didn't make it last time but next time I will for sure.

  2. Thanks Shari. Its an unlikely subject to have generated so much affection as a landmark.

    You read my mind about comming to Montreal for a sketchcrawl. I saw Marc Holme's posting this morning and always enjoy a day trip there, not to mention my son and his skateboarder pals who would be 'all over' the idea.