Sunday, 11 December 2011

Snowdon Theatre, Montreal

I was in Montreal yesterday and finally made it back to see the Snowdon Theatre.  I have been curious about it for years as you catch a glimpse of the sign from way down deep in the Decarie trench while driving into the city.  Its is no longer a cinema, but thankfully the wonderful art deco sign and facade have not been compromised.


  1. John..great little sketch.. I love these old art deco buildings.
    There is a similar building in the West-end of Vancouver too. I have been planning to get out and sketch it. In Vancouver it is the old Starlight theatre, art deco, same style and colour. It is now sub-divided into small stores including a Blenz coffee shop on the corner.

  2. This is still a great building. Too bad you can't get a good look at the facade without falling into the Decarie expressway. Nicely done.