Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Never Travel Without a Skateboard

This the other part of last weekend's trip, checking out North Oshawa Park.
This was built by Newline, who seem to really know thier business.

So this isn't the park - it's the skate plaza in one corner of the park.  I think I mentioned in the Wild in the Praks post that skate parks are bowls and that the trend is towards plazas, which provide more urban types of elements.

My skateboarding consultant, Tommy, gave it 2 thumbs up.  Very smooth concrete, nicely proportioned rails, hubbas, steps, a neat bump in the middle and most important, nice 'flow'.
Tommy's vid can be seen here :

That's Tommy in the foreground, but tragically, I missed the turquoise  colour on the brim of his hat.  Imagine my guilt.  Dispite that grave ommission  the conclusion is: "it's gnar."

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