Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Five Sisters

For starters , I really can count - I only drew 4 of the 5 units of this block of row houses.   I started on the left side and didn't leave enough room for the last tower.  This building is a landmark along the Queen Elizabeth Drive close to my home here in Ottawa.

It isn't really called the Five Sisters, I just think of it that way, as each unit is different yet conforms to similar proportions, details and materials so as to be a unified family.  If I taught architecture, I would walk the first year class to this building, have them draw it, then reinterpret it in contemporary materials and proportions.

Given the era of the construction, I think each unit  would have names like, 'Faith', 'Charity' and' Hope.'  I wouldn't be too enthusiastic to have 'Chastity' or 'Temperance', but would pay extra to live in 'Grace'.

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