Saturday, 2 February 2013

ICF Foundation Walls

The last couple of weeks have been really really cold - like -30 C in the morning and -20 C through the day so we lost several days to weather.  Luckily the cold spell broke and at a balmy -15C the guys have been able to get back at it.

Bramel is  using a product called Polycrete, which has steel bands embedded in the rigid insulation with metal ties between the panels.  The corners are plumbed and reinforced with steel angles for the pour.  Once the concrete is set, the corners come off, but the insulation remains. The other benefit is that the insulation will slow the cooling of the concrete and give us good strength dispute the cold temperatures.  Polycrete have been very supportive and have sent a technical rep. to show the crew the system and will review the bracing before the concrete is placed.

It took some time just to open the large bundles and sort the various heights and wall width panels, making it hard to move around this compact site, but as the forms are assembled there is more space.


  1. Beautifully painted John. But at first when I looked at this guy I wondered why his legs had been cut off!

  2. Thanks Shari. I replaced my cobalt deep blue with Indigo and it is giving me richer greys and blacks. Buddy has both legs, but just one arm :P

    1. Nice work with the indigo.
      I guess the work takes longer with only one hand, right? No wonder he has to work right through the winter : )