Saturday, 11 June 2011

Green Roof

Six years ago I had opportunity to design the first extensive green roof in Ottawa. It is on the 10th floor of a government office building downtown.  The towers in the are the Peace Tower of the Parliament Building and the West Block.    We put together a plant list of  72,00 plugs composed of 20 varieties of sedum and 15 other species that would survive in only 6 inches of soil. Today it looks like a meadow in the sky.  I couldn't mix the purple colour of the flowers to save my life, so felt compelled to include a photo.
 The Corkstown pedestrian bridge took 20 years for the City to get around to building.  The suburban councillors carped about the cost for years, but six years later it has been tremendously well used and three other pedestrian bridges are under study.  The bridge itself is very elegant on a pair of sprung arches and the lighting is very subtle.  The landscape was intended to fit into the canal corridor, but resulted in an anomalous lump of planting in an open grass and trees corridor.


  1. The sketch looks pretty. Seeing the actual green roof where that drawing was based would have been nice. The artist must have felt amazing to see his drawing come to life, no? Calling it a meadow in the sky sounds nice.

  2. I agree, Santo. The sketch looks SO pretty. It is simple, and yet, we can see his passion and dedication for sketching. With that being said, it made the sketches very lively. It's very heartwarming to see architecture designs based on these. Great work!