Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bank Street Reconstruction - the Glebe 2011

Bank Street is a commercial main street here in Ottawa.  Five years ago I did a streetscape concept for 3.2 kms and have done detailed design and inspections for about half that length each summer since then.  This year the construction is in the Glebe, the neighbourhood I happen to live in, so its easy to go check out the progress.  This kind of deep sewer project only happens every 100 years, so I'm guessing I'll miss the next one and the time to sketch the construction is now.

June 8th
The contractors brought out the heavy equipment this week and they are digging way down deep.  Word is, the job's going well, but we all know how schedules can change.  There was discussion about keeping a lane of traffic open, but now that they are into the job it's apparent that would be impractial.  Best get out of the way and let them get er done.

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