Thursday, 28 November 2013

Whales downtown - honestly

I have been leading a sketching group one evening a week this fall.  I say lead rather than teach, as I coach more than lecture.  We did have a few indoor classes to cover some basics including an evening explaining perspective.   Many people have trouble with perspective which isn't surprising really when you look at the history of art and how many centuries it took to figure it out.  We anayzed and copied photographs to understand the main principles.

We've moved on to drawing on location, which because it is now cold and dark in the evening has to be indoors.  This was at the  World Exchange Plaza in Ottawa, where yes, beluga whales and one narwal swim through the air.


  1. A favourite spot for me! Love the whales! Do say more about your sketching group? Is it organized in the same way as the Montreal USK:MTL?

  2. No Cindi, they do a monthly group sketch outing in Montreal. I have organized a couple of World Wide sketch crawls here and will do it again. The Monday night group is a small group of friends who asked me to help them improve their sketching.

  3. I remember those whales from my time in Ottawa - well done!