Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Drawn Along The Way

Earlier this month, I put together a draft book of my collection of sketches from my pilgrimage in Spain last spring.  This was the Camino de Santiago which involved a month long walk across northern Spain culminating in the city of Santiago de Compostella.  This is also know as the Way of Saint James, as the remains of the Apostle are believed to be enshrined in the Cathedral there. Hence the Title - DRAWN ALONG THE WAY, My Camino sketchbook.

The book is not a guide, rather a reflection of the experience and includes about 70 of the 110 sketches I did while on the trail.  My good friend, Anne-Louise Mahoney, who is a professional editor did a very helpful edit and I will be launching the book and offering it for sale in the next few weeks.  It has been a very satisfying project in part because writing it helped me process the incredible experience of this ancient pilgrimage and share the drawings in the form of a book.


  1. Looking forward to the book. Will you be selling on Etsy as well?


    PS really enjoy your blog posts

  2. Thanks. It will be through Blurb and also Apple as an ibook.

  3. That's great that you sketched along the way.
    I did the Portugese route from Porto but did not keep up my sketching, only did a few.
    Your feet must have ached after a month!

    1. It was long enough that I worked through the feet thing. Strangely though my pants became very baggy and I had to replace them:)

  4. John, very cool! Please let me know when they're available - is shipping to NL included? ;)

  5. Yes, I will Matt. It may be a while as I think rather than Blurb, I'm going to go through Amazon as they will market it. The obstacle is that I have to learn InDesign as that is the format I need to deliver it in, and you know how software challenged I am !

  6. This is very interesting and so I will follow up on the work you have done .

    John McEwan