Friday, 19 July 2013

Actors and Stage Workshop

This sketch was one from my workshop with Lius Ruiz.  I have followed his blog and studied his work for the last two years.  On top of his proficiency, he's a delightful guy and he gave me some very practical tools to help my composition. He had us start our drawings at the focal point and move out.   As in draw from the back and move forward.   He also taught us to simplify buildings by implying the rhythm of the windows.  We did several thumbnails to practise this as well as place overlapping figures in the foreground (the actors) to add some dynamism and draw the eye to the focal point.

The one question I continue to have is "when to stop".  His lesson plan didn't directly address that, but I think it gave me some tools to help me with that decision.


  1. Love your work. truly a inspiration for me to start my own journal
    (Btw, I'm a fan from Thailand)

    1. Thanks so much, my Thai friend. I hope you do start a sketchbook. I've had hours of deep relaxation and have several that are absolutely unique travel sovineers.
      Take a boo at a post I did some time ago about "Breaking Sketchers Block". Hope it helps.