Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Professor Sketchy

Yesterday I visited Ashbury College to speak to grade 10 and 12 art classes about urban sketching.  They are starting a unit on sketching and one of their enthusiastic teachers, Meagan Boyd, found me through the USK site and asked me to come in.

It was a energizing and affirming experience to organize my thoughts and pass on some tips to the students.   I think the most relevant one was thumbnailing to plan what you are about to invest 20 45 minutes of effort into, so that you don't run out of paper and are happy with the composition. Nice bunnch of young adults - they were very open and curious and seemed to enjoy seeing the stack of sketchbooks and my sketching tools.  And I got lunch too!

1 comment:

  1. Professor Sketchy needs a better camera!
    It's wonderful to see you doing this John. They look like they are really enjoying it.