Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cedar Woman No. 4

I took a day off skiing while in Whistler this week to visit the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre. There were two master cavers working on totem poles there, which was exactly what I was hoping for in my visit.   It was a pleasure to watch their deft progress over just a couple of hours carving.  I sketched and chatted with both of them and was complimented to be invited to their "carvers union" break for coffee. They are both wonderful, warm ordinary guys to talk to who are making extraordinary art which is founded on their cultural roots but speaks to our modern world.

Aaron Nelson-Moody's ancestral name is Splashing Eagle, but he introduced himself as Splash.  The pole he is completing is the fourth in a series called "Cedar Women".  It is an 18 foot long yellow cedar log topped by a Thunderbird with a Lightning Snake spiraling down to its base.  Splash has been a positive influence to many young people through his teaching of  art and carving in schools as well as the legacy of his inspired carving and jewelry.  His web site is


  1. Thanks for sharing this John. It's a great sketch. What a privilege to watch this.

  2. Meeting these guys has been the highlight of my ( very good) trip Shari.