Thursday, 25 October 2012

Big Ol' Elm

If you look for them, it's surprising how many elms are still around considering that they were decimated by Dutch Elm disease about 40 years ago.  Here in Ottawa, the National Capital Commission has taken special custody of several dozen elms along major streets and scenic parkways.  This has involved injecting pesticide into the 'viens' of the trees to kill the parasite which kills the trees.  Money well spent in my opinion, considering the devastation to main streets across the country with the demise of these majestic arching trees.  Here in Ontario we associate the removal of the elms from small town main streets in the late 1960's with the 'progressive' widening of roads for parking.

If you mention elm trees here in Ottawa, its really surprising how many people recall this one.  It's located on Queen Elizabeth Drive, just east of Bank Street where the road divides each side of a treed median.  If anyone, besides me, considers large trees to be heritage elements, this surely qualifies.


  1. Count me in on large trees as heritage elements. Nice sketch John!

    1. Thanks Shari. Your selection of subjects this fall has encouraged me to sketch a few more landmark trees.