Sunday, 15 January 2012

Herridge Cabin

This is another warn up cabin in Gatineau Park.  It is constructed of hand-squared logs with dovetailed corners and second floor beams mortised through the walls.  It was -17 C yesterday which gives me only a few minutes before my hand seizes up from the cold so I blocked this out in pencil and finished it inside the cabin.  It's a 5 km ski in to this cabin with moderate hills so its another good nighttime destination.


  1. Sounds like my experience today. It's been pretty brutal for those of us that try to brave the elements. At least I'm in my car. Were you actually doing this outside?

  2. Snowshoeing in there last night under the moonlight !!! The temp was also abt -17 C (wind chill -28 C) but my friend and I dressed for the weather and we enjoyed every bit of the trip.