Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Southport New York City

I had opportunity to visit New York this last weekend.  The only time I had to sketch was early each morning near our hotel before the boys woke up.  This area was the fish market, but has been gentrified and feels like Boston.

The Seaport Museum is closed temporarily but luckily Sal Polisi, master carver was in the workshop and I managed a quick look around.
I did not have much time to chat with Sal, but we did exchange cards and I would love to learn more about his work and role with the museum. 

This 1909 muscular little tugboat, the Helen McAllister is tucked in under the shadow of two other of the museum's larger vessels.

What a frustration to not be able to crawl all over those ships and sketch all day long.  I'm thinking that I would like to make another trip for that sole purpose. I am wondering if I could talk myself into a short 'artist in residence'  stay, or undertake some focused project.

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  1. oh, come quickly then! the Helen McAllister and others are being taken away next week, to where I do not yet know. Much is changing over on Pier 16.

    I love how you caught the yards in the background! I love your work!

    Yes! pls do an 'artist in residence' stay! maybe we could swap flats? I see the beautiful forests in your wonderful drawings of cabins. I miss trees!

    This winter was distressingly warm down here as well.

    And so cool you met Sal! he's so sweet. Served on the Ticonderoga. Lots of good stories!