Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fall weekend in the Glebe

So for starters, the Glebe is a neighborhood of Ottawa, where I live.  It is an older 'streetcar' neighbourhood which means its compact and everything is in walking distance.  Last weekend was overcast but nice in a moody, sort of Canadian, fall way.  On Sunday we went for a walk and I managed to sneak a few sketches between chance encounters with acquaintances.

I bought a nice new small  moleskine watercolour sketchbook and I'm working on just starting into it with ink - no pencil blocking.  I'm also drawing while standing which makes it harder to control the pen. In short, trying to loosen up.

The pick-up belongs to my neighbour, Bill.  Its a fire engine red 1952 Chevrolet and to look at it's imacualte.  The working parts are however apparently feeling their age, as there are some repairs to be done.  Bill's son, John, was under the truck and the two of them were engaged in an arcane discussion  about whether the ' back end needs to be dropped out' or 'it might be easier to pull the engine'.  While, I didn't totally follow the conversation, I could relate to the situation of hobbies seeming to be more vexatious than recreational, not to mention the condition of some of my own aging parts.

The ostensible destination of our walk was the Farmer's market at Lansdowne Park.  This is a Sunday morning event which has really flourished over the past few years. It is a wonderful fit of the 100 mile diet, whole food and good eats in a neighbourhood that values those things, and more to the point, can afford it.  We bought several bunches of crispy heritage varieties of Apples and have enjoyed each and every one this week.  More expensive than the grocery store, but on several levels, it seems like good value.

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  1. John..

    More great sketches.. I absolutely love the truck.