Sunday, 31 July 2011

The backside of Parliament

I really liked the double page (1:3) format from our recent trip, so when I saw some drawing pads in that format in the art supply store I bought one.  This is Parliament Hill, here in Ottawa, as viewed from the other side of the Ottawa River.  I only captured about a third of the panorama, so I'll have to return with a finer pen.

And with this we close out another month.  I set a goal of sketching three times a week back in April.  Easy on vacation; in an average week, not so much.  I have done fairly well towards that goal and am feeling some improvement.  I am also becoming more selective in what I post.


  1. Nice sketch.
    I remember this view from Ottawa (or Hull I guess), the parlimentary library in particular is an exceptional building.
    Ottawa has some nice moments design-wise, however the winters there were just way too cold for me.

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