Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Double Pagers

This last posting from our trip are sketches from Lake Garda, Verona and Venice.  We happened to be in Verona on a Saturday attended an Opera in the ancient roman Arena that evening.  It was an amazing experience with about 9000 people in attendance and at least 250 on stage.  Nothing virtual about it - no amplification and with the exception of a puff of smoke when the villain was hit by lightning, no special effects.  The audience is allowed to come and go and bring in food and drinks.  I guess when the seats are stone and have been spilled on for 1600 years, you worry a little less about stains.  Good thing too as the Opera was four acts and with the elaborate set changes took 4 hours.  True confession: we left early.

These are photographs as my scanner is too short for the double page, so they aren't flat, but I think the colour is better than the scanner picks up.  I guess I'll have to either learn how to calibrate  colours and stitch, or get a better scanner.  If I were under 30 that would be an easy choice, but I think I'll investigate scanners first.

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