Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Shari's new book is out!

One evening this winter I came home to discover Shari Blaukopf's new book in my mailbox.  If you know her work, you will have recognized that she has a painterly approach - volumes, atmospheric depth, skillful colour composition and often a detailed description of paint colours.
Working With Color takes a deep dive into her extensive knowledge in an accessible, topic per page, format.  And true to Shari's graphic design roots, the production values are very high, including the Moleskin-like elastic band on the cover.  I highly recommend it!

Oh, and the reason I received it so early was because one of my sketches was included as an example of using a limited palette.  That sketch was from Spain, when I walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostella several years ago.  In my book, Drawn Along The Way,  I described the limited palette I used and credited Sahri for the choice of the five tubes of watercolour I relied on for that whole month.

Oh, and for the editors out there.  Shari's book was published in America where there is a severe shortage of the letter "u".  Although somewhat humourous, I am honoured, nonetheless.

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  1. I noticed she mentioned you in her book. She also mentioned you when she gave her workshop in Ottawa. I thought it was great!