Sunday, 4 February 2018

Mosteiros - Sao Miguel, Azores

 As you might have guessed, this sketch covers two pages of an open sketchbook.  Often people ask me if that's a frustration.  Not at all, in fact I kind of like the fold in the middle as it shows that it is a sketchbook.

You see, for me the whole book is the "piece".  A frustration that they don't display well, but so what, I've found it to be more rewarding when I just do this to entertain myself.

And btw - I adore, and take extraordinary measures to use Laloran sketch books.  Both for the high quality paper that accepts my pen and paint but also because you can mistreat by opening them flat on the scanner and they don't fall apart.


  1. Welcome back John. I was wondering what happened to you.
    Wonderful sketches, as always.

  2. Lovely sketch, so full of light! I've not been to the Azores yet, but I do know the Madeira islands well. Two very different archipelagoes, by the way.
    Cheers from Portugal!