Thursday, 7 January 2016

Postcards from Peru

I have drawn my own postcards since my first big trip to Australia, nearly 40 years ago.  I remember cutting some stiff white card with my trusty Swiss Army knife and knocking off copies of the Sydney Opera House as line drawings on my bed at the YMCA hostel.Some old friends have received cards from  a dozen different countries over the years.

Last month, I did the same thing, setting up my postcard factory on a bed in Cusco and cranking out 8 one evening.  Although, now I use the pre-cut watercolour postcards and add some colour.

It's especially fun to think of old friends receiving them and remarking, "where is crazy John now?".

But here's the caution 5 weeks after posting them, not one has arrived in Canada. On investigating, it seems that a service is stalled indefinitely because of a labour dispute in Peru.   You'd think they would have told me when I bought the stamps, wouldn't you.


  1. These are a treasure John. Especially now that most of what we receive in the mail is bills or junk. Hardly a personal note ever, at least for me. So your friends were probably thinking "How amazing that crazy John drew this and sent it to me!"

    1. Thanks Shari. I think you're right, real paper seems to go much farther than an least with people over 40 ;)

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