Tuesday, 14 April 2015

small squares

More of my little vignettes from the train.  I was trying to catch "moments" or elements of the landscape and simplify them graphically into little icons.  They are very small - about 1 1/2".  I'm also trying to use more intense colours, stepping up from my usual pale washes.

As a graduate of the James Belisle school of masking, I taped off the squares in order to have the crisp edges.  The really fun part of doing that, is peeling off the tape and seeing the crisp white edges....or at least what stands for fun in my life!


  1. John, your little vignettes are lovely and full of life.
    I discovered a few weeks ago the pleasure of peeling the tape in order to get perfect edges! But the first time was quite stressful...

  2. Thanks you Martine. depending on the paper, the tape can tear it a bit so here's Professor Jim's trademark secret.....put the tape on your pant leg or shirt several times ( Jim says 8) to "de-tackify" it.