Thursday, 13 November 2014

A New Father

Earlier this week I attended an ordination service at the Anglican Cathedral here in Ottawa.  My friend Jonathan Askwith was one of the new Priests brought into the Church.  It was a formal, but very moving ceremony which included all the priests in the Diocese laying on their hands onto the Ordinates.

I felt a little self- conscious sketching in church, fearing that some might think it irreverent, but as usual, I don't think anyone really noticed.


  1. Looking good John, love the sketches, but then that is something you have always excelled at !

    1. Thanks Sue - still sketching, just not bothering to post so often

  2. I just came across your blog, while searching for "postcard sketches". Awesome sketches! And... Nope! You're not talking to yourself. I'm adding your blog to my Feedly app on my iPad, so I will receive all your new posts!

  3. Thanks Wendi - thanks for your encouragement