Saturday, 14 July 2012

Santo Domingo

I'm in the Dominican Republic attending the Urban Sketchers Symposium.  There are about 120 participants from 16 countries.

Its been both stimulating and frustrating.  Stimulating in that there is such a rich mix of approaches and perspectives.  Frustrating, in that it's tough to push out of my 'comfort zone' and do things differently.

I knew that I would not likely have much that I wanted to show from the  workshops as they are usually a series of exercises , so much as techniques to bring away and integrate into my sketches.


  1. John..

    Think of it like golf...

    You have your regular golf game where yougo out to enjoy the game -
    and -
    you have the driving range and putting greens to practice your exercises.

    The two have entirely different reasons to exist. What you learn and practice on the driving range will eventually come naturally and show up in your game.

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